7:30-9:00          Breakfast

Session 5:         Deep Learning Approaches to the Brain  (Chaired by Dongyan Lin)

9:00                   Yusi Chen, Salk Institute

Hippocampus as a generative machine for predictive coding of future sequences

9:30                   Farhad Pashakhanloo, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Representational Drift in a Neural Network Model of the Piriform Cortex

10:00                 Vishwa Goudar, New York University

Learning-to-learn emerges from learning to efficiently reuse the neural representation of the task schema

10:30                 Break

Session 6:         Dynamics in Recurrent Cortical Networks  (Chaired by Yanliang Shi)

11:00                 Gregory Handy, University of Chicago

Functional interactions of feature space and physical space in neocortical circuits

11:30                 Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana, Salk Institute

Internal noise promotes heterogeneous synaptic dynamics important for working memory in recurrent neural networks

12:00                 Lunch & separate luncheon room for center director meeting (Bush Fireplace)

Session 7:         Real-time Neural Data Analysis (Chaired by Pavel Tolmachev)

1:30                   Ekaterina Morozova, Brandeis University

Training a predictive model of neuronal dynamics during the time frame of an experiment using ANN

2:00                   Anne Draelos, Duke University

Real-time modeling with active interventions for high-dimensional neural data

2:30                   Break

Session 8:         Perceptual Decision Making (Chaired by Cina Aghamohammadi)

3:00                   Ben Ballintyn, Brandeis University             

Perceptual and decision processes underlying suboptimal behavior

3:30                   Zeinab Mohammadi, Princeton University

Identifying internal states from decision-making behavior in mice

4:00                   Break

Session 9:         Outstanding Problems in Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience (moderated by Tatiana Engel)

4:20                   Introductory remarks by Larry Abbott, Haim Sompolinsky and Terry Sejnowski moderated by Tatiana Engel.

5:00                   General discussion

6:00                   Cocktails (Blackford Patio)

6:45                   Dinner